European Coral Reef Symposium (ECRS) 2017

The ISRS Student Committee will have representative members at the European Coral Reef Symposium in Oxford, England, from 13 – 15 th December 2017.

During the breaks and lunches you will find us on the ISRS stall. You may also spot one of us with “ASK ME” badges. Please stop by and introduce yourselves, tell us how we can best support your career needs, and encourage your passions.

It is anticipated that there will be student/ mentor meetings co-ordinated through us offering you the chance to lunch with senior as well as early career researchers in the field. Information on how to sign up for this opportunity will be circulated soon by email, but also watch this space!

Finally, but maybe most importantly, there will be an informal pub gathering on the 12th December, before the start of the conference. Here you will find some of your committee representatives. Some please consider coming to share a British Ale with us (or any other beverage of your choice). We will be meeting at 7pm at the Royal Oak (42-44 Woodstock Road, Oxford).

In the meantime please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and consider volunteering your writing skills to our blog.

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